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Moscow Hotels

Moscow hotels website contains interesting and useful information on hotels in the Russian capital, gives a list of recommended hotels, shows hotel reviews, tells the history of Moscow hotels and advises how to find a proper hotel in the Russian capital. Here tourists and businessmen can also find information on package, custom and sightseeing tours around Moscow, find out some peculiarities of the Russian visa application process and the airline, train tickets reservation system. Hotel catalogue gives a list of hotels in Moscow of different categories. You can choose a hotel out of the list of five-star, four-star, three-star and two-star hotels, located in the capital of Russia.Find a hotel section suggests a reservation form, which makes the hotel reservation process easier and faster for guests of Moscow. Hotel reviews is a section where you can find out opinions of other visitors of Moscow hotels or express your own point of view. History of Moscow hotels in some way reflects the history of Moscow itself. So, this information will be not only useful, but also interesting for tourists. If you have any doubts or still hesitate what hotel to choose, pay attention to the list of the recommended hotels of Moscow. This classification is based on price and quality, range of facilities, staff attitude to the guests. If you prefer to stay at famous hotels, there is a list of the popular hotels in Moscow, such as Golden Ring Hotel, Metropol Hotel and others. Quality of service provided at these hotels, is well-known all over the world and due to it they won the popularity among the visitors.

It should be emphasized that the choice of tours to Moscow is really impressive. Among them package tours take one of the leading positions. Custom tours are also very popular because tourists have an opportunity to create their own tour round Moscow, visiting those places of interest that they are eager to see first. As for sightseeing tours, they are accompanied by guide services, which make them more vivid.