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Freedom Monument

The voluminous Freedom Monument (Brivibas Piemineklis) is a sacred place in the hearts and minds of every Latvian. This potent symbol of the nation was built in 1935 with the help of citizen's donations.

    Address: Brivibas St. and Raina Blvd.

Riga Castle

Built in 1330 as a residence for Livonian order governing body, Riga Castle later served as the seat of the secular powers. The place on the banks of the Daugava was chosen for purpose to oversee all the ships, which came into the port.

    Address: Pils laukums, 3

Great and Small Guilds

The Great and Small Guilds were the "family nests" of the two Riga families of tradesmen and merchants. The Big Guild, also known in the Middle Ages as St. Mary's Guild, unified merchants and jewelers.

    Address: Amatu St.,5; Amatu St.,6

Blackhead's House

First mentioned in 1334, the building was owned by the Great Guild. In the 15th century, the house was rented out to the Blackheads Merchant Guild and became their property in 1713.

    Address: Strelnieku, 7

Powder Tower

For the first time it was mentioned under the name of the Sand Tower at the beginning of the 14th century as a main part of Sand Gate fortification system. It stood on the Sand Road that led to the town.

    Address: Smilshu St., 10/20

St. Jacob's Church

St. Jacob's Church is one of the oldest churches in Riga. It was mentioned for the fist time in chronicles in 1226. The tower of St. Jacob's Church is the only one in the city that still has a Gothic spire.

    Address: Klostera St., 2

St. John's Church

St. John's Church was first built as a chapel and a part of the Dominican monastery ensemble. It was first mentioned in the 13th century. After expulsion of the Dominicans at the time of reformation, the building was privately owned.

    Address: Skarnu St., 24

St. Peter's Church

This church was mentioned for the first time in 1209. In that time it was meant to be the main church of the town. Nowadays it's one of the best samples of Gothic architecture in the Baltic States.

    Address: Skarnu St., 19

The Dome Cathedral

The largest cathedral in the Baltics was founded on St. Jacob's Day in 1211, by Albert von Buxhoeveden, who became its first bishop. In the past centuries it has been destroyed and rebuilt many times.

    Address: Dome laukums

Three Brothers

The architectural Three Brothers ensemble is located in the heart of the Old Town. The oldest house called the White Brother is the most medieval and dates back to the 15th century.

    Address: M. Pils St., 17, 19, 21

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