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Every year billiards is becoming more and more popular. Now practically in any good cafe you can find billiard table. But there are some specialized clubs in Riga, where the connoisseurs can appreciate the high quality of the best billiard tables and equipment.


Bowling is one of the oldest games in the world. Scientists suppose that it existed already in Ancient Egypt. Since then the game has changed greatly in respect of rules and equipment. In Riga, you can enjoy ancient game and modern technologies in numerous bowling clubs.


Mass diving as an entertainment and sport was started by Jacques Yves Cousteau and gained world-wide popularity very quickly. The biggest diving club "Jurais vejs" in Latvia offers different diving courses, diving to the wrecks in the Baltic Sea, diving tours and diving safari all over the world.


Those who prefer extreme kinds of sport are welcomed to the specialized clubs of Riga, where a great variety of extreme activities of all kinds is offered - airplane, paraplane and motoparaplane flights, kiting, parachute jumps, hot-air balloon and much more.

Horse riding

Horse riding is an ideal way to reduce stress, relax and forget about hustle and bustle of big cities. It doesn't matter weather you are a professional horseman or an amateur, the horse riding is an unforgettable experience.


Latvian Paintball Club invites everybody who wants to reduce stress and aggression without hurting anyone. Wonderful playgrounds, jungle village, unassailable wooden forts, mysterious catacombs provide an ideal place to create your own war strategy and win.


There are different sauna types in the world: Russian banya, Finnish sauna, Turkish hamam steam bath. Each culture has its own version of the sweat bath, but there is one thing that they have in common - after visiting sauna you will feel renewed physically and emotionally.


Baili, Sigulda, Gaizinkalns - these names are well-known by those who love winter sports. There are the best slopes in Latvia and cozy cottages, where you can stay for several days and enjoy winter sport activities.


Tennis, by right, is considered to be one of the most entertaining and emotional kinds of sports, which demands from players high concentration of attention and maximal strain of physical and moral strength.

Swimming pools

There are a lot of modern swimming pools and water parks offering all kinds of water activities in the Latvian caital. Water parks are ideal places for spending your free time with a family or friends.


There are several yacht-clubs in Riga where you can communicate with like-minded persons, get useful piece of advice from the professional, rent yacht equipment and different types of vessel.

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