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Our destination guide features museums, theatres, churches, and other sights of Riga. We also provide information on restaurants, night clubs, and activities.
Quick facts about Latvia

Here you can find all the necessary information about Latvia on one page. The most interesting facts and numbers give final touches to the country portrait. Sometimes numbers can tell more than a long description.

Riga, Latvia

The history of the capital of Latvia dates back to the Iron Age, when the first settlement on the lower reaches of the Daugava River appeared. During the centuries, the town has been growing and constantly changing. Riga has emerged into a cosmopolitan capital, famous for its architectural and cultural values.

Sights in Riga

Riga can be called a great Open Air museum. The architecture of the Old Town embraces the period from the 16th to 19th century and preserves the atmosphere of the medieval town. The majestic Dome Cathedral, the gothic Blackhead's House and other sights are reckoned as the pearls of world architecture.

Museums in Riga

Riga is especially rich in museums. Only in Riga you can visit the oldest Open Air Ethnographic Museum in Europe, recently restored Rundale Palace, Motor Museum that features unique exhibits from the Kremlin garage, Museum of Porcelain, Museum of Photography and many others.

Theatres in Riga

The theatres of Riga are well known all over the world and are famous for brilliant performances and outstanding actors. The theatres play an import role in the theatrical life of the country and reflect the latest trends in drama art. Theatre-goers can appreciate classic performances as well as experimental ones.

Activities in Riga

It is practically impossible to be bored in Riga - different clubs offer you all kinds of activities: tennis, billiards, horse riding, skiing, paintball etc. Those who look for something extraordinary can try hot balloons ride or diving to the wrecks in the Baltic Sea.

Night Clubs in Riga

Boisterous nightlife of the Latvian capital attracts party-goers from across Europe. The numerous night clubs of all kinds cater for all tastes in music: disco, jazz, pop, rock-and-roll, electronic music, etc. The description of the most popular clubs will help you to make a right choice.

Restaurants in Riga

For the past few years Riga has changed greatly. From the culinary province of the Baltic it has turned into the culinary capital. Talented chefs offer exquisite menu of Italian, French, Chinese, Indian cuisine. If you want to taste traditional Latvian food you are welcomed in one of the Lido restaurants that have already become one of Riga's landmarks.


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